Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Light Show

 Yesterday I woke up bright and early to go to the Light Show exhibit at the Hayward Gallery. Almost all the pieces in this exhibition excited me, which is a rarity. The Light show shows us how light can pyschologically change the way we feel. Different colours can alter our mood. Some of the light artists use our eyes as a aspect of their art; how our vision adjusts to the darkness and the how the longer we look the more we will see. 

This exhibition is definitely worth experiencing. Unfortunately a lot of advanced tickets are already booked up, but if you are willing to go on a weekday and in the morning you are more likely to get a ticket. 

Below are a few photos from the catalogue, some of the photos I have included are in the exhibition and some are not. Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the exhibition so I couldn't provide better examples.:( 

The Hayward Gallery
Wednesday 30 January 2013 -
Monday 6 May 2013

 Anthony McCall "five minutes of pure sculpture"
Doug Wheeler "Untitled" 1966
Francois Morellet "L'avakanche"
Olafur Eliasson "Model for a Timeless Garden"
Olafur Eliasson "Beauty' 1993

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