Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Turner Prize 2012
Tate Britain: Exhibition
2 October 20126 January 2013
£10, concessions available

Spartacus Chetwynd

Luke Fowler

Paul Noble

Elizabeth Price



Today I went to Tate Britain to check out the Turner Prize nominations. Sadly besides Paul Noble all the other artists were a bit lacking in my opinion. Two were digital artists using film and the other a performance artist called  Spartacus Chetwynd.  Her performance consisted of two men dressed in leafy spandex-like costumes in front of the audience, they frolicked, danced and waved a odd puppet in our face. Near the end of the performance they took me out of the crowd, had me stare into the little puppets face and then ended by whispering "you had something, and now its gone" in my ear. I left the performance rather confused and felt like I had missed the message of the whole thing. 

Paul Noble's work was very impressive, his drawings are painstakingly detailed. The exhibit consisted of a series of large scale technical drawings of Nobles  fictional world Nobson Newton. In person the detail of the drawings seem to stretch out to infinity. The more you look at a piece the more you see, like looking at the clouds your mind starts forming shapes and faces from clusters of once random rocks in the scenery. Nobles world reminded me of a unusual melding of Hieronymus Bosch and Escher, like both artists his work  is one of a kind. It is well worth paying  a visit to the Turner prize just to see his work up close.



        The Tate Website

     Paul Noble:The Gagosian Gallery Website

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